A little bit about Allendale

I am Charles (Bill) Young and Allendale Nursery was birthed from my love for heirloom apples.  Pocahontas County ranges in elevation from 2,000 to 4,500 feet, and 75 years ago it was mostly comprised of small family farms.  These farms had apple orchards at different elevations so that some of the trees would escape the Spring frosts.  For many seasons I have sought these apples for the exceptional cider that can be made from them, and each year I have found fewer and fewer trees.  The nursery is the resulting of collecting the many different varieties I have been able to find.

Allendale Nursery serves the residents of East/Central West Virginia and West/Central Virginia by collecting scion from downed, dying, or family heirloom apple trees and providing clients with new trees identical to the tree that provided the scion.

Our homestead consists of 30 acres where we grow over 100 varieties of apple trees that provide the scion wood for tree propagation.

I am the owner and sole employee of Allendale Nursery.  My wife, Carole (deceased in 2011), and I moved here from Maryland in the late 1960’s to teach school and raise our family.  I retired from Green Bank Elementary-Middle School in 2000 after 30 years as its principal, and now spend my “retirement” tending to our nursery with the help of my Romanian wife, Cristina.